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“Biodiversity is essential for life, key to our well-being and an opportunity to boost economy and jobs. At Fundación Biodiversidad we protect biodiversity with planet, people and economy in mind.” (Sonia Castañeda, Director of Fundación Biodiversidad)

Spain is rich in biodiversity

We are lucky to live in one of the planet's biodiversity hot spots and the country with the greatest biodiversity in Europe. 85,000 species, more than 50% of Europe's animal species, and 80% of vascular plant species are in our territory. In addition, over 30 % of the country land area and almost 8 % of our marine territory is under the Natura 2000 Network, the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It offers a haven to Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. We all depend on nature for food, medicines raw materials or energy. So human wellbeing is deeply dependent on biodiversity. Without ecology there is no economy. Healthy ecosystems are necessary for economic activity. Today we know that 40% of the global economy depends on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. In addition, green economy offers important business opportunities.

A benchmark in biodiversity

The mission of Fundación Biodiversidad is to help protect and conserve our natural heritage and biodiversity, taking a two-pronged approach: carrying out large conservation projects, and channelling aid and funding - much of which is European funding to develop the projects of other organisations such as NGOs, research bodies, universities, and so on. Each year the foundation collaborates in more than 300 projects.

Fundación Biodiversidad was set up in 1998 to protect our natural capital and our biodiversity. Today is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

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    • Fundación Biodiversidad's permanent mission is to form part of national and international organisations that work for sustainable development. At the same time, it joins in initiatives aimed at preserving the natural, social, cultural and economic heritage of peoples.
      • Affiliations:
        • Countdown 2010
        • United Nations Global Compact
        • Pacto Andaluz por la Dehesa (Andalusian Pact for Dehesa)
        • Pacto Contra el Veneno (Pact Against Poisoning)
      • Membership:
        • IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature
        • Spanish committee of the UICN
        • Asociación Española de Fundaciones (Spanish Association of Foundations)
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