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Prioritization for ex situ conservation of plant populations of high vulnerability to climate change and taxonomic uncertainty (PRIO-CONEX)

The project has highlighted the risk of disappearance faced by the Spanish populations of plants of the Petrocoptis and Androsace genera, which are vulnerable to […]

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Effects of the expansion of invasive alien species on the genomic-population parameters of native coastal species: the corals Cladocora caespitosa and Oculina patagonica as an example (Coralien).

The Coralien project has analyzed the dynamics of changes and their demographic and genetic consequences in the interaction between the coral species Cladocora caespitosa (endemic […]

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We renaturalize the city to make it more resilient, creating green and blue infrastructure (Molina de Segura’s transforming green ring).

The aim of the project is to provide Molina de Segura with green and blue infrastructures that recover, connect and preserve public areas, while optimizing […]

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Renaturalization of the surroundings of Vistalegre and the Calzas Anchas stream (Vistalegre).

The general objective of Vistalegre is the natural recovery of an approximate area of several tens of thousands of square meters of degraded land located […]

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Renaturalization València 2022 (R-VLC 2022)

R-VLC 2022 aims to take a creative and interdisciplinary approach to designing future ways and spaces for living, imagining and building an inclusive, sustainable and […]

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Green CorridorTamaraceite-Ciudad Alta (BIODIV_INFR.VERDE_LPGC)

The objective of the project is to strengthen the urban green infrastructure, improve the conditions of biodiversity in the urban space and encourage its connection […]

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Renaturalization of Pinto to make it a more natural, biodiverse, livable, healthy, equitable, inclusive and resilient city (Pinto en Verde).

The project aims to turn Pinto into a natural city that is resilient to climate change, healthy, socially and environmentally just and a benchmark in […]

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Plan for the Integral Recovery of the Urban-Rural Fluvial Environment of Castaños-Galindo (PRIEFCG)

PRIEFCG seeks to promote the transformation of the city through the recovery of a fully functional river ecosystem, such as the Castaños and Galindo rivers.

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