fundación Biodiversidad


Our activity is based around 5 strategic lines:

Terrestrial biodiversity

We work for terrestrial ecosystems, the species that inhabit them and their genetic structures, which provide us with ecological services and sustain life on Earth, regulate climate, air quality and water, and give us strategic resources for the economy, health and welfare of people.

Marine and coastal biodiversity

We investigate and protect the marine and coastal areas that are home to an enormous biodiversity and we support traditional economic activities like fishing and aquaculture.

Climate Change and Environmental Quality

We are committed to improving energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies, mitigating CO2 emissions, reducing the carbon footprint, and adopting responsible consumption habits to slow down climate change. We work to improve environmental quality, contributing to a healthier environment.

Green jobs and green economy

We boost economic activity linked to the environment, creation of green jobs and supportt for business, are some of our goals
Together with business we promote economic development compatible with the conservation of biodiversity.

International relations

We promote international projects related to biodiversity conservation. Because environmental challenges require global action as well collaboration between organisations and institutions at both a European and international level.