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The Fundación Biodiversidad team is united by our commitment to a more sustainable, healthy and livable future. If you want to be part of and contribute, from a public sector entity, to achieve the important environmental challenges ahead of us, you should know that we carry out specific calls and that we can only consider CVs submitted through the tools provided for this purpose.

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Head of the Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration Area (interim)

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Information related to the hiring of personnel:

The hiring of new personnel at the Biodiversity Foundation, including those with management status, shall be governed by labor law, as well as by the regulations applicable to it in accordance with its assignment to the state public sector, including among the same the budgetary regulations as well as what is established in the General State Budget Laws. Both indefinite-term and temporary contracts currently require the prior and joint authorization of the Ministries responsible for budgetary matters and personnel assigned to the state public sector.

The needs for new personnel are established in accordance with the Action Plan approved annually by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Development of selection processes:

All calls are published on a competitive basis and are carried out in accordance with the principles of equality, merit, capacity and publicity. Temporary positions are published in this section of the website and disseminated through our social networks. In addition, the Foundation has an external company specialized in personnel selection that contributes to the dissemination of external calls for applications through their publication on specific web pages and job search portals.

In the case of indefinite-term positions, they are first called for internal promotion and, only in the event of vacancies after the selection process, they are offered by means of a public call for applications.

Phases of the selection process:

1. Curricular screening: All applications are reviewed by an external company specialized in personnel selection that issues a curricular evaluation and are scored according to the description of the position and its requirements.

2. Performance of written tests of technical knowledge: Candidates who best fit the profile and have obtained a higher score are called to perform a written test of technical knowledge related to the functions listed in the job description. The written tests are corrected anonymously in the area where the position is held.

For certain positions, additional tests may be requested from specialized external companies and may include language level and/or leadership skills, among others.

3. Personal interview: Candidates who have obtained a better score in the written test will be called for a personal interview, which may be conducted in person or electronically and with the participation of the Works Committee.

The successful candidate will be the one with the highest overall score.

At the end of the process, the Fundación Biodiversidad sends an email to all candidates with the communication of the closing of the process.

Job offers

Call for scholarships

Call of the Fundación Biodiversidad, F.S.P., on a competitive basis, for training scholarships related to the purposes of the Fundación Biodiversidad (2023).


  • Training in the projects Plataforma Custodia del Territorio and LIFE Cerceta pardilla. REF.: 01/2023

  • Training in the LIFE IP PAF INTEMARES project. REF.: 02/2023

  • Training in transversal training tasks and participation in projects financed by European funds in the area of Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems. REF: 03/2023

  • Training in the Lifestyles to Recover Nature and Environmental Education for Sustainability Action Plan projects. REF: 04/2023

  • Training in MSP-OR, CetAMBIcion and LIFE ECOREST projects. REF.: 05/2023

  • Training in biodiversity conservation actions with the private sector and international collaboration projects. REF: 06/2023

  • Training in the implementation of actions for the training and development of new skills for the ecological transition within the framework of the Empleaverde Program REF: 07/2023.

  • Training in the Red Emprendeverde (ReV) project of the Empleaverde Program and other actions aimed at entrepreneurs. REF: 08/2023

  • Training in the management of the Pleamar Program. REF.: 09/2023

  • Training in the management of the Spanish Aquaculture Observatory project. REF.: 10/2023

  • Training in projects and actions aimed at the renaturalization and resilience of Spanish cities. REF.: 11/2023

  • Training in projects and actions for the restoration of fluvial ecosystems and the reduction of flood risk in urban environments. REF.: 12/2023

  • Training in the area of Climate Change Research and Adaptation. REF: 13/2023

  • Training in projects in the area of Bioeconomy. REF: 14/2023

  • Training in the management of grants for the promotion of the circular economy within the framework of the PRTR. REF.: 15/2023 and 16/2023

  • Training in communication, institutional relations and social media. REF: 17/2023

  • Training in communication and awareness of projects in the area of Blue Economy and Employment. REF: 18/2023

  • Training in communication and awareness of projects in the area of Green Economy and Employment. REF: 19/2023

  • Communication training specialized in Ecological Transition issues. REF: 20/2023

  • Training in graphic design. REF.: 21/2023

  • Training in the IT department of the Legal Counsel and General Services area. REF.: 22/2023.

Call of the Fundación Biodiversidad, F.S.P., on a competitive basis, for training scholarships related to the purposes of the Fundación Biodiversidad (2021).


The Biodiversity Foundation is a State Public Sector Entity. In view of this legal nature, the personnel selection processes shall comply with the provisions of the legislation on public sector contracting, as provided for in Article 131 of Law 40/2015, of October 1, of the Public Sector Legal Regime, in force since October 02, 2016.
The personnel selection processes carried out by the Biodiversity Foundation comply with the following obligations:

  • Respect for the principles set forth in Law 50/2002, of December 26, 2002, on Foundations.
  • As provided for in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD).
  • The principles of equal treatment and opportunities between men and women, as set forth in Community regulations, the Spanish Constitution, Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, 2007, for the effective equality of women and men, the Workers’ Statute and the Basic Statute of the Civil Service.
  • As set forth in its own Bylaws.